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Aesthetic Surgery, 2012

Performance Films



[IMAGE] Aesthetic Surgery on the set_Performance Studio_Anseong_2012



 Aesthetic Surgery of the Aesthetic Surgery series is a 6min-16sec single channel video comprised of five chapters: Gauze Removal, Design, Print, Skin Incision, and Skin Graft. In the first chapter, the gauze from Gauze Dressing is removed from the images of the May-18 victims. In the Design chapter, the design of the surgery is drawn on the victims’ face. In the Print chapter, the camera goes into a real beauty clinic where real patients are waiting for their surgery with the design line on their face. The photos of each patient is taken and printed. In the next chapter, the photos of the modern women are spread out, and pieces are cut out from them for the ingredients for skin graft, the next step. In this process, the ingredients were selected among the parts that survived the patient’s own censorship. In other words, only the parts that were not to be augmented were selected as skin graft ingredients.

 I mentioned the patient’s censorship because aesthetic surgery in general is done in line with modern women’s beauty standards influenced by the person’s characteristics as well as the society. This pattern is quite similar to how history is built. By keeping only the pretty features, we may be turning ourselves into monsters. There are reasons I chose the term ‘aesthetic surgery’ as the title over the more common term ‘plastic surgery’. I wanted to exclude operations that are not for beauty, but for treatment or restoration. And, above all, I wanted to focus on the aspect of the surgery that it is an individual’s bloody and bone-cutting struggle against the beauty standards of the society.

 In the Chapter V. Skin Graft, the cutout pieces are transplanted to the May-18 victims’ faces. The victims now look like pretty yet artificial girls very common in Sinsadong, Seoul. The so-called Sinsadong beauty is characterized by abnormally big eyes, an elevated nose, puffed-up lips, surgical lines on eyelids, and a deep chin.


 시리즈 <Aesthetic Surgery성형수술> <Aesthetic Surgery성형수술>6분 16초 분량의 싱글채널 영상이며, Gauze Removal - Design - Print - Skin Incision - Skin Graft 이렇게 다섯 개의 챕터로 구성되어 있다. Chapter I. Gauze Removal<Gauze Dressing거즈 드레싱>으로 치료 중이던 거즈를 떼어내고, Chapter II. Design(성형 시 수술의 편의를 위하여 펜으로 얼굴에 도안을 그리는 행위)에서는 안면부 미적 단위에 따라 희생자 얼굴에 절개 부위를 그린다. 그 다음 Chapter III. Print에서는 실제 성형외과를 찾아 성형수술 5분전 성형부위가 Design된 여성이미지를 증명사진 형식으로 찍고 이것을 사진으로 Print하는 과정이다. 후에 Chapter IV. Print는 프린트된 이미지를 펼쳐놓고 성형수술 당사자들의 검열에서 통과한 Design 되지 않은 나머지 부분만을 표피로 추출한다.

 이어서 마지막으로 Chapter V. Skin Graft에서 추출된 표피를 이식하여 비정상적으로 큰 눈, 오똑한 콧날, 부풀어 오른 입술, 눈 위의 절개자국, 움푹 들어간 턱으로 아이콘화 된 신사동 성형미녀로 완성된다.



Aesthetic Surgery, HD video with Sound, 6min 16sec, 2012







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