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Line 1

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Report of Subjectivity. Red Nation





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Count, 2011

Performance Films


 Count of the Aesthetic Surgery series is a 11min-35sec single channel video. This piece shows the picture of a female May-18 (518) victim on the recovery phase after Gauze Dressing session. The picture is glued on the bottom of the Myeongdong street, face down. The district is the most expensive piece of land in Korea. The picture is walked on by passers-by, and the video records it until it is stepped on 518 times.


 시리즈 <Aesthetic Surgery성형수술> 중 <Count나열>는 <Gauze Dressing거즈 드레싱>으로 회복기를 거치고 있는 여성이미지를 한국에서 가장 땅값이 비싼 명동거리 한복판에 전면부가 바닥을 향하게끔 붙이고, 무작위의 행인들에 의해 518번 밟을 때까지의 영상을 기록한 11분 30초 분량의 싱글채널 영상이다.



Count, HD video with Sound, 11min 35sec, 2011


Count_Video Clips