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Report of Subjectivity. Red Nation (2012)


series Aesthetic Surgery (2011- )

   1. Suture (2011)

   2. Gauze Dressing (2011)

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   4. Shoot (2012)

   5. Aesthetic Surgery(2012)

   6. Make-up(2014)




series Silent Readiong (2015- )

   1. Ki Hyongdo (2015)

   2. No Surprises (2016)


Black Night (2014-2015)


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Line 1

Mise en Scène

White. Ghost. Day. Note.

Report of Subjectivity. Red Nation





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Line 1, 2013-2016

Photography Installation, Book of Photographs, Note



[DATA] Old Map_Gyeonin[Seoul-Incheon] Line_1918



 Coming to Incheon from Seoul, The train line No.1 drops people one by one. As the train gets closer to Incheon, there remains elderly heading to the Libery Park to see the statue of General MacArthur and some Chinese speaking weird mixed language of Chinese and Korean who seems to be somehow restless. I come out through Incheon Station in the middle of them. People on the train are merged into a contemporary scenery. They appear and dissolve like ghosts. Bumping each other on their shoulders, fiddling with their smartphone, people hastily scattered away.


 서울에서 인천으로 오는 동안 1호선은 서울에서 밀려난 사람들을 하나 둘씩 떨어뜨린다. 지하철에탄 사람들은 단지 동시대의 풍광이 되어 유령처럼 나타났다가 연기처럼 사라진다. 어깨를 부딪히며 옆에 앉아서 스마트폰을 만지작거렸던 사람들은 플랫폼을 빠져나가 재빨리 어디론가 흩어져 간다.

 <1호선>은 한강철교가 준공되기 전인 1899년 당시 경인선을 따라 인천과 노량진 사이에 있는 26개 역을 걸어 다니며 철로 곁을 떠다니는 인간 군상과 일상 그리고 풍경을 촬영한 사진 도큐먼트다.



Sindorim-Yeongdeungpo Dorimcheon, Pigment Print, 100 x 125cm, 2015


Sosa-Yeokgok Ivy, Transparency in Lightbox, 120 x 150cm, 2015


Dohwa-Juan Couple, Pigment Print, 100 x 125cm, 2015


Ganseok-Dongam Mattress and Sofa, Pigment Print, 80 x 100cm, 2014


Dongincheon-Dowon Chamijeon, Pigment Print, 100 x 125cm, 2014


Baegun-Bupyeong Couple, Pigment Print, 100 x 80cm, 2016


Bupyeong-Bugae Railroad, Transparency in Lightbox, 120 x 150cm, 2015


Sindorim-Yeongdeungpo Mullaedong, Pigment Print, 100 x 125cm, 2014


Incheon-Dongincheon Park Dukseul, Pigment Print, 75 x 60cm, 2013



Installation View, space Sinporo 15221, 2016


Installation View, Goeun Museum of Photography, 2016


Installation View, KT&G Sangsangmadang, 2016