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   2. No Surprises (2016)


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Make-up, 2014

Performance Films



[IMAGE] Make-up on the set_Performance Studio_Inchon Art Platform_2014



 Make-up in the Aesthetic Surgery series is a 14min-57sec single channel video. Thanks to Aesthetic Surgery, the May-18 victim has turned into a Sinsadong artificial beauty. Now she puts on make-up through super-realistic painting and obtains the look of a woman of today. After the three years of work, the image bears no sign that she was a victim of the violent democratic movement.


 시리즈 <Aesthetic Surgery성형수술> <Make-up화장>은 이전 과정을 통해 변모한 희생자의 사진이미지 위에 극사실화 기법을 응용하여 유화칠을 실시하며, 현대인의 생산된 미에 부합하는 외형으로 복원된다.



Make-up, HD video with Sound, 14min 57sec, 2014


Make-up_Video Clips