Report of Subjectivity. Red Nation

Book, Acrylic on Canvas, Single Chnnel Video, Installation

Red Nation, 198 x 140mm, 325 page, Book, 2013

 In 1627, a Hollander, the first alien from the West, landed up in Korean Peninsula by accident. Joseon was a mystery land to him. Subjective report 1. <The People’s Republic of China> begins here.
2012 Summer, I decided to go China. Leaving abroad for the first time in my life, I had a vague fear about China. As a process of tracing a root of the fear, I made a list of words based on what I know about China and searched for information related to them. And I went to china, see for myself and photographed, documented what I felt and collect data as much as I can. <The People’s Republic of China> is a book that compiled all of the materials.


Chinese Interview, DV with Sound, 8min 58sec, 2012

German Interview, DV with Sound, 6min 54sec, 2012

Experience among Report of Subjectivity Red Nation, 38min 10sec, Single Channel Video, Stereo Sound, 2012

Without Red, 2013-2015

Propaganda Book, Photography

#Shangzhi among Chinese Korean Villages Book, Inkjet Print on Newsprint Paper, A4 Size, 2013

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