Report of Subjectivity. Red Nation

Book, Acrylic on Canvas, Single Chnnel Video, Installation

Red Nation, 198 x 140mm, 325 page, Book, 2013

 In 1627, a Hollander, the first alien from the West, landed up in Korean Peninsula by accident. Joseon was a mystery land to him. Subjective report 1. <The People’s Republic of China> begins here.
2012 Summer, I decided to go China. Leaving abroad for the first time in my life, I had a vague fear about China. As a process of tracing a root of the fear, I made a list of words based on what I know about China and searched for information related to them. And I went to china, see for myself and photographed, documented what I felt and collect data as much as I can. <The People’s Republic of China> is a book that compiled all of the materials.

Chinese Interview, DV with Sound, 8min 58sec, 2012

German Interview, DV with Sound, 6min 54sec, 2012                                          

Without Red, 2013-2015

Propaganda Book, Photography

#Shangzhi among Chinese Korean Villages Book, Inkjet Print on Newsprint Paper, A4 Size, 2013

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