Concrete Romance

Installation, Performance, Single Channel Video

 Abandoned constructions. Under the collapsed buildings, there remained are things that once had belonged to someone, and became useless waiting to be burned.
 I walked through one of the buildings, an apartment in Gajeong-dong, Incheon, and searched for discarded objects. I piled them up in order of the floors on which those things are found, and concreted them over.
 The hope for our own apartment, love of father smoking Malboro, an empty store at dawn. We will say “our romance is over.” when we finally see the colorful paint peels and the city reveals the grey concrete.

Man Always Remember Love Because of Romance Over.

[IMAGE] Old Apartment_Gajeong-dong_Incheon_S.Korea_2013

Concrete Romance, 7min 13sec, Performance Film, Single Channel Video, Stereo Sound, 2013

Concrete Romance, Mixed Media, 40 x 120cm, 2013

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